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4 Mistakes You Should Know Before Starting Your SMS Campaign

Text messaging is the most important part of today’s marketing strategy. The biggest mistake companies are making is not doing it. A profitable Short message service advertising Campaign can bring you more sales and more business but if you plan a poor strategy then this can be a waste of time and money. So here are few tips every business should remember before starting Short message service campaign.4 Mistakes You Should Know Before Starting Your SMS Campaign

1- Poor call to action:

The first step to start a campaign is to write compelling call to action so that your customers can easily subscribe. If you make the call to action confusing then people will just simply put you into the ignore list. As it stands for short message service so you don’t have much options, as you can write 160 characters so you have to use each word with creativity.

2- Poor time selection:

Timing is the key in text-message marketing Campaign. If you choose wrong timing then you will definitely won’t get the desired results. Sending multiple messages with no value make your customers frustrated so choose the timing that best suits your customers to respond to your message. Stick to your strategy and keep your promise what has been said to the customers. Know the perfect timing as sometimes early morning and late hours are not suitable.

3- Sending same message again and again:

It is easy to just copy paste same message and sends out to your customers repeatedly but people will get bored and simply delete your text so it is better to come out with fresh messages and ideas each time before sending your message.

4- Too much information:

Keep your message clean, short and easy to read. Don’t use complex wordings. Don’t make it confusing by writing too much information. As text messaging is one-to-one conversation so try to use your brand and product/ service name as much as possible.


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