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5 Tips you must remember in Short Message Service Advertising

SMS-Advertising-EpicNo doubt SMS Marketing has got tremendous popularity due to its minimal cost and long term benefits. Companies of all types from small to large are using it to reach their perspective customers. Although there are so many other advertising options available but due its popularity and effectiveness mobile marketing has become the favorite marketing medium of the business owners. It can be used to reach your old customers as well as enables you to make new clients. To get maximum benefits from mobile advertising you have to remember these 5 tips:

1- Write clear, concise message:

One of the biggest problem is the limited space as you can’t write detailed message the reason why you should keep your message short, targeted and to the point. Avoid unnecessarily flowery language.

2- Don’t use Long sentences:

You have only 160 characters available so break up you message into short sentences this will create extra space to add more sentences into the message body of your message. Make use of capital block letter to highlight your main points.

3- Make the best use of Call to Action:

It is better to start your message with a direct call to action. Mention your biggest offer hear so the user can take quick action after reading your message. Use of the words such as Buy now, Purchase, and Discount will work better in this context.

4- Know the perfect timing:

Mobile messages are read quickly. Unlike emails which will remain in the inbox for long hours text messages are delivered instantly. Knowing the ideal timing is the key to success as which time will be better as some time it is better to send the message in the evening and sometime morning or afternoon.

5- Engage your mobile customers:

Make use of different activities to engage your customers such as Polls, quizzes, surveys etc. This will give your customers a personal touch. This way you can engage your existing customers and attract new customers.


text message advertising has a lot of benefits but to make the best use of it you have to look for a trusted partner who will create a customized text message marketing plan to maximize your ROI. Epic Creative Digital Solutions is a Dubai based Mobile marketing company offering quality services in UAE. Contact Epic for a custom quote.


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