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How Text Message Marketing can make a big difference

Statistics show that the average open rate of SMS is 99% so it is enough to get an idea how important is text message marketing for a business. Similarly the click through rate of SMS text messages is around 36% so it is not a bad idea to include hyperlinks in your text messages. According to recent survey 44% of the marketers told that they would be increasing their mobile marketing budget in the near future. One of the most important discussion in the SMS Marketing forums is how many number of text messages should be send. As per most of the marketing consultants one to two text messages once a week is enough. The main purpose of doing this is to keep the customers engaged.

What is SMS short code?

Usually it can be a 5 to 6 digit phone number that will be used by companies to opt-in customers to their short message service programs and then send different types of messages such as promotional, party messages, greetings, offers etc. Normally there are two types of short code. A dedicated short code will be used by only one business while the other is Shared SMS short code which is used by different companies. SMS short codes are not owned by the businesses. They are leased to businesses or text message service providers.sms-short-code

How to engage you customers:

Text message advertising is ideal for businesses to engage the customers by sending interesting and attractive messages with call-to-action included. Send push messages when someone opt-in to your list by sending a welcome message and often with message like “we have missed you” check our prices we have made 50% discount for a limited time.

How to choose the right text message advertising Company:

Selecting the right company to carry out your short message service campaign in the right direction is also a challenging part of advertising but if you have already the basic knowledge of how it works then you can get the maximum benefits. Epic Creative Digital Solutions is a Digital agency in Dubai offering targeted, profitable SMS marketing services. To know more about prices and packages send us your requirements today.


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