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How to Set up an Text Message Advertising Campaign System

No doubt In UAE SMS Marketing is the fastest growing marketing trend because of its flexibility, ease of use and reasonable cost. Companies whether large or small are shifting to text-message advertising from traditional advertising. Here we describe the different types of text message advertising campaign systems:

Bulk Messaging:

Also called text blasting in which a single message is sent to group of people at once. In bulk messaging the system has usually an address book where names and phone numbers are stored and also group of recipient is created. The most challenging part of this system is to create and maintain group of recipients.

Keywords response:

In this type of system an auto reply is sent to all incoming messages which includes a specific keyword. This would be great to get involved but you have to make sure that someone follow up on every text.

Smart Texting:

It is the advanced type of Mobile advertising campaign system in which an incoming message triggers a complex interaction. In this campaign further information from the user is requested or may require to call external programs to process the message. It can be used for different purpose such as to run SMS information service, in which the incoming message includes a query and the response is retrieved from web or the database.

Some other types of Short Message Service Campaigns:

Short message service can be used in many other ways such as fixed-format SMS a kind of smart texting can be used to collect mobile data and also one of the most effective text-message advertising Campaigns is the peer-to-peer in which content is considered the key element. Mobile message Jokes or other contents that creates urgency about any cause or event can be an example of peer-to-peer system.


No one can deny the importance of text based advertising for the business but after knowing the different types of text message advertising campaign systems one can easily decide an effective way to reach the right audience. If you still don’t know which type will best suit your marketing needs then Epic Creative Digital Solutions a UAE based mobile Advertising Agency would like to help you in meeting your business goals. Contact Epic today for a better ROI.


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