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Short Message Service Advertising: Past, Present & Future

Short Message Service referred to the delivery of text messages over the Cell Phone networks. It is a way of sending and receiving messages from mobile phones. Actually the message itself from the sending phone is stored in a central short message center which then send it to the destination mobile. It is obvious that if the message is not delivered successfully to the recipient then it is stored and can be sent later. The maximum length of a text message is not more than 160 characters. The characters will include different types of symbols, alphabets etc. The sender can also be informed through a notification if the message is delivered successfully.

Text message service also supports international roaming. This means that it is possible to send and receive messages throughout the world using GSM technology.

Common Applications:

  • Short message service is the best way to exchange short messages like “Good morning” “Call you later” etc. as it is cheaper than calling and even the mobile is switched off the recipient will get the message whenever the mobile is turn on.
  • It is also possible to send and receive email less than 160 characters.
  • You can get useful information, tips, news at your mobile by sending a message to the particular short message center.
  • Mobile chatting is the hottest trend nowadays specially in young generation.

Present State:

Mobile Message marketing trend is growing day by day today. In Europe already it has crossed the 3 billion mark per month and as well as it is has been seen as the popular activity in other parts of the world.


Although there is no doubt text-message advertising has a lot of benefits but there are some limitations too.

  • You can’t explain the whole thing in a Short Message Service due to characters limits.
  • You can’t support your message with videos and audios so you can only send plain messages. However MMS can overcome this situation.
  • You cannot format your message appealing using any editor like bold, italic or changing colors etc.

Future of Short Message Service:

  • As looking at the current statistics and growing popularity the future of Mobile advertising seems brighter.
  • We can predict substantial changes in the Short message service network structure.
  • text message marketing will be the source of generating revenues and huge RIO due to its effectiveness and companies will invest more on mobile marketing.

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