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SMS Marketing ideas for small businesses

No doubt SMS marketing is becoming popular so fast the one can firmly believe that it is going to outpace other forms of advertising such as email in both effectiveness and popularity for small businesses.

Let’s discuss some important facts and ideas about text message advertising for small businesses
Small Business SMS Marketing

Weekly SMS text message:

In order to remain in front of your perspective clients it is a great idea to send out a weekly text message tip. This can work as a reminder and you will be in their mind whenever they require services related to your business.

Alerts, Updates and Reminders:

Text message marketing can be used as a great way to send out reminders for appointments and it can the best solution for doctors, dentists and anyone who makes appointments and this can be helpful in increasing your appointments conversion rates. Similarly an auto mechanic can send updates about a car status, some banks, internet providers and mobile phone companies send reminders to check and pay the bill.

Order confirmation:

It is a good idea to send a confirmation message when a customer places an order or complete a new purchase. It can also be used to update the customer about the order status.

Voting and Polling:

It has been seen during a match or any other competition where viewers are given the opportunity to vote via SMS. It is a useful technique to engage people with your business or brand.

Hiring SMS Agency in UAE

So now after reading about these ideas if you are thinking about starting a short message service advertising then make a detailed document with your goals and objectives and choose a reputed agency to start a campaign for you. We at Epic Creative offer profitable SMS advertising services to small businesses as well as to large firms in UAE to increase their sales. If you are ready to start contact us for a customized quote.


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