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Top 10 Tips to Start a Successful SMS Campaign in Dubai

SMS-Marketing-CampaignSMS Marketing plays a key role in promoting a business. Recently it has become the need of every business from small, medium to large businesses. As the use of mobile phone is increasing rapidly in UAE and companies operating in Dubai are more interested in running a successful Mobile Marketing Campaign to promote their businesses in Dubai. For successful Campaign the following tips must be kept in mind:

1- Know Your Audience:

The most important part of a profitable text message advertising campaign is to understand your audience as people say that many of the messages they receive daily are useless. Target those who are interested in your services. Don’t send irrelevant messages because it frustrates people.

2- Understand the right timing:

One of the important aspect of this type of advertising is to understand the perfect timing to send the message. If the right message is sent to the right people in a right time then it can increase the chances of conversion.

3- Make your message that gets attention:

Write compelling messages so whenever someone reads your message the person must take action which you want. Great text messages can increase the rate of conversion.

4- Avoid Spamming:

Don’t try to act like a spammer because people can put you in the ignore list. So be careful and act as a professional and avoid spammy techniques. Sending message as a reminder and an invitation is a good one but sending too many times will actually will be considered as spam.

5- Write clear and Sweet message:

Don’t write too many lines as people won’t read your lengthy messages so try to keep your message short, concise and free of any grammatical mistakes.

6- Add Call to Action:

Write messages with strong call to actions so whenever someone reads your message he/ she must know what action to perform.

7- Experiment different techniques:

Try customized campaigns for different occasions with different messages and different call to actions and see which one is better.

8- Mention your brand:

Tell your audience who you are. If your audience don’t know from whom they are receiving messages then they will just delete it without opening it.

9- Create urgency:

Use different techniques to create a sense of urgency such as limited time offer, Hurry up order will expire soon so that your customers can take action immediately after reading your message.

10- Don’t forget to follow-up:

After sending your message you will start receiving the response so don’t forget to send follow up message in order to engage your audience.

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