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Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Text Message Marketing UAE

As a business owner if you don’t invest in advertising to promote your business then you cannot get the most out of your business. But due to many reasons companies don’t want to invest huge amount in advertising. In this situation SMS Marketing will be the best option for most of the companies in Dubai. New companies are setting up rapidly in UAE the reason why the need for affordable advertising also increases. As it is relatively in-expensive as compare to other advertising platforms this is why companies prefer to use it as their favorite marketing channel to promote their businesses. There are so many reasons to choose Mobile advertising as your favorite advertising method. Few are as follows:

Short Message Service is affordable: Top-5-Reasons-You-Should-Use-SMS-Marketing

It is targeted:

It is the cheapest way of advertising. You don’t have to pay huge amount. You can start with any amount which is agreed before starting the campaign. You don’t have to take risks. You can make a customized strategy according to your budget.

High Return on investment:

Text messaging is affordable so you can get great ROI. As you don’t have to spend too much on mobile advertising so if you pay less and get more sales then we can say it profitable. You can have full control of your budget.

Mobile Phone Users are increasing:

As today everyone has a mobile phone and loves to read text messages so the conversion rate is very high. Text messages are opened as they received. A person can view the message any time anywhere at his/ her convenient and can respond quickly.

It is quick:

It is quick and fast. Once everything is setup using the bulk text advertising technique you can send your message to thousands of people at once. The reason why it is considered fast and reliable method to reach your potential clients in a quick span of time.

You can setup customized Short message service plans to target different people depending upon their ages, languages, Genders, geographic locations etc.

Useful Tips:

Once your message is delivered don’t forget to follow up. Adding a call to action at the end of the message will increase the conversion rate and make your message attractive. If you are looking for a professional Mobile Marketing Company to start your 1st campaign then Contact Epic Creative Digital Solutions will do it for you.


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