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WhatsApp Marketing popularity continues to grow in UAE

Like other parts of the world advertising through WhatsApp is becoming popular in Dubai. A mobile messaging app which allows people to exchange messages without paying for the SMS. It is one of the most widely used messaging platform in the world for communication and especially in countries where SMS is more expensive. Today it is also used to finalize sales between companies and clients. In most advertisements it has been seen businesses put their WhatsApp numbers on advertisements and websites. People are also posting their WhatsApp numbers in their Facebook status. It is also easy to create and manage contact lists. Unlike SMS you can use even more characters to better explain your message.Whatsapp-marketing

Advertising using WhatsApp to target UAE’s customers:

As Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion which clearly indicates its importance. Promotional messages can be sent to customers by utilizing the advanced features of WhatsApp Messenger in different forms like visual ad, video, audios etc. It can be used as an effective advertising platform to market your latest products, services and other promotions to your valuable customers. You can share images and videos of your products with others. It is easy to communicate with clients as unlike SMS the sent and received messages are shown at the same screen. It is also possible to send bulk WhatsApp messages using different software.


  • Your message will be delivered to the target audience much faster than other traditional message platforms.
  • Pictures, small brochures, audios and video will be shared easily
  • Your business location can be shared with your contacts.
  • We can use new features to make your WhatsApp Campaign more interesting.
  • Good for maximum visibility and brand awareness.

In short WhatsApp marketing has made the advertising much easier for businesses operating in UAE as well as in other parts of the world due its low cost and high RIO.



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